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I wanna do a thing


Okay so I’ve been going through a heavyset of depression lately, and I want to help out anyone else that is going through issues. I’m gonna start something I call “Byakudan Positivity” where you send me a problem, and our byakudan babies will make you feel better. For example…

"I don’t even know why I try helping anymore. It feels like the whole world hates me."

Tohko: What!?! Don’t say that! Even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, you matter!

Emi: I know how it feels, and you just gotta hold your head high and push through!

Mitsuki: Damn right! If people don’t appreciate what you do, it’s only because they’re insecure of themselves.

Kensuke: I promise you, there are people who care. The ones that say you’re super nice or willing to help - they’re just embarrassed to say it.

Tomohiro: It’s hard, but it’s important not to care about what everyone else thinks-you’ll be so much happier!

Ryosuke: Remember, sometimes it’s not worth it to help others. It’s not your job. Even if it’s family or friends, you aren’t obligated to forever support them.

Yuuya: It isn’t a bad thing to think about yourself. Doing things that protect yourself or make you happy is essential for living.

Masato: Although it gets difficult, I would hardly say the world hates you. There is always that person/people that think that you are a gift to the universe.

Kai: Sometimes you just gotta stick your middle finger up to the world and say; “Fuck you! I’m alive, and I make the world a better place.”


goodbye kizami


goodbye kizami